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BattleMC RPG (Torchlight Style)
 TheLogaaan •   4 months ago •  212

Hello everyone!

I'm more than happy to announce, that RPG server is underway!

We're looking for alpha testers, and item/location creators.

What will be RPG focused on?

  • Looter Shooter Style
  • Magic, spells, skills, attributes, random gear.
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • Legendary loot obtainable by crafting it with shards. Each location has legendary set, that is well hidden.
  • New mobs with custom models and textures.
  • New weapons with custom textures.
  • New blocks to build with.<...
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Ambient Update, Shop, Voting
 TheLogaaan •   8 months ago •  235

Hello everyone! :D

Today, I want to introduce the WIP ambience update I've been working on.

Currently, it adds:

  • New step sounds to grass, tall grass, sand, gravel, leaves, and some other blocks.
  • Adds sword swing sounds.
  • Adds hit sounds for both axes and swords.
  • Adds ambience to The End. It is now pretty scary!
  • 3D Drops! Items are now dropped 3d on ground.

Another changes:

  • Added voting, daily rewards, and extended token shop.
  • You can now buy rename ta...
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Survival Server Improvements
 TheLogaaan •   8 months ago •  244

Hello everyone! :D

I felt productive today, and so I made many improvements in regards of menu on survival server.

From now on:

  • Menu item will always be present in your inventory, ready to be clicked to pop up the menu. This means, that you technically have one inventory slot less.
  • Menu contains personal settings - such as weather and time, but only locally.
  • Menu contains all shops, including the token shop.
  • Menu also contains warps and your homes.
  • You can access auction from the menu.
  • And you can also set your tr...
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Hello everyone!

Today's topic is security, and open source software.

How is our server secured?

In terms of security, there are different approaches to this. I did something, that's called security by obscurity. Now, the only part that is relevant to this is the ports. I wanted to hide important ports, for example.

The login to root is disabled by default, and to log-in as root, you need root password, as well as sudo account password. So.. in order to login to root, you first need a sudo account logged in. Thing is, we keep changing passwords every hour, and is delivered to secure mail server. Unless you get to mail, you can't possibly break into system.

The panel we're using f...

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Networking Improvements | Creative Update
 TheLogaaan •   8 months ago •  255

Hello everyone, hope you have fantastic Day!

Let's talk about progress I've made in last day!

  • Added Tokens - a new virtual currency you'll be able to gather playing on server.
  • With tokens added, there is a new way to get VIP, and premium perks - with tokens, prices are TBD.
  • All servers now have indicator for them.
  • Creative server was improved as well - added Creative Levels plugin, which lets you collect experience building your plots. Also, once you reach a new 5th level, you get rewards! Say - 5, 10, 15, etc..
  • VIP system has been reworked. It's now possilbe to extend VIP by , instead of month. This allows us to choose TOP voting player, and apply one-day VIP for him ever...
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