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IGN: TheLogaaan
8 months ago

Hello everyone!

Today's topic is security, and open source software.

How is our server secured?

In terms of security, there are different approaches to this. I did something, that's called security by obscurity. Now, the only part that is relevant to this is the ports. I wanted to hide important ports, for example.

The login to root is disabled by default, and to log-in as root, you need root password, as well as sudo account password. So.. in order to login to root, you first need a sudo account logged in. Thing is, we keep changing passwords every hour, and is delivered to secure mail server. Unless you get to mail, you can't possibly break into system.

The panel we're using for Minecraft does not support password rotation, or 2FA, so I rolled some 64-character random passwords for admin accounts. Good luck in breaking into that.

As of now, I'm preparing to work for open-source IT company.

Open Source is the future of development. Imagine having thousands of developers unite for many projects. You don't need to hide anything, you have full access and control over code.. and most importantly, you contribute to future.

News on server:

  • Added trails for Lobby, Creative, and Survival server - access them via /trail.
  • On Survival server, and on Lobby, there are daily rewards. You can claim both same day.
  • Added anti-vpn and anti-bot system for whole network.
  • Added more ways to get tokens via playing.
  • Preparing to add token shop for survival server.
  • Added auction house for survival server (access via /ah).

Programmer, Linux fan, Builder, Community leader, Former Founder of project. I've been on field of servers since 2015, and I'm grateful for every player that is satisfied and happy.

Depression is and was hallmark of my life. And while I was in it, I realized I can live a fulfilling life even with it - and that any state is temporary.