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IGN: TheLogaaan
8 months ago

Hello everyone! :D

I felt productive today, and so I made many improvements in regards of menu on survival server.

From now on:

  • Menu item will always be present in your inventory, ready to be clicked to pop up the menu. This means, that you technically have one inventory slot less.
  • Menu contains personal settings - such as weather and time, but only locally.
  • Menu contains all shops, including the token shop.
  • Menu also contains warps and your homes.
  • You can access auction from the menu.
  • And you can also set your trail using the menu.


  • Added corpse when you die. You will be able to loot it, items will not drop on ground after death.
  • Added auction. You can now bid on items, or purchase them directly.
  • Added trading between people. You can type /trade to initiate a trade.
  • Added RTP portal on wilderness spawn to ease means of beginning. 

That's right, it's a lot of changes!

Hope you guys have fantastic day so far! Peace! <3

Programmer, Linux fan, Builder, Community leader, Former Founder of project. I've been on field of servers since 2015, and I'm grateful for every player that is satisfied and happy.

Depression is and was hallmark of my life. And while I was in it, I realized I can live a fulfilling life even with it - and that any state is temporary.