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IGN: TheLogaaan
8 months ago

Hello everyone! :D

Today, I want to introduce the WIP ambience update I've been working on.

Currently, it adds:

  • New step sounds to grass, tall grass, sand, gravel, leaves, and some other blocks.
  • Adds sword swing sounds.
  • Adds hit sounds for both axes and swords.
  • Adds ambience to The End. It is now pretty scary!
  • 3D Drops! Items are now dropped 3d on ground.

Another changes:

  • Added voting, daily rewards, and extended token shop.
  • You can now buy rename tags with tokens.
  • You can now sell your resources in the resource shop.
  • You can now collect additional trophies - more mobs drop them.
  • You can now also buy experience in the resource shop (100$ & 175$ of in-game currency).

I hope these improvements will contribute to quality of server. Have a fantastic day! <3

Programmer, Linux fan, Builder, Community leader, Former Founder of project. I've been on field of servers since 2015, and I'm grateful for every player that is satisfied and happy.

Depression is and was hallmark of my life. And while I was in it, I realized I can live a fulfilling life even with it - and that any state is temporary.