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IGN: TheLogaaan
4 months ago

Hello everyone!

I'm more than happy to announce, that RPG server is underway!

We're looking for alpha testers, and item/location creators.

What will be RPG focused on?

  • Looter Shooter Style
  • Magic, spells, skills, attributes, random gear.
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • Legendary loot obtainable by crafting it with shards. Each location has legendary set, that is well hidden.
  • New mobs with custom models and textures.
  • New weapons with custom textures.
  • New blocks to build with.
  • Upgrading system using socketting, and forging.
  • Daily scheduled events for majority of players (both newbies and vets)
  • Random events based on location you are in.
  • Guilds and guild raids, and wars.

If this is something you are interested in, and want to be a tester, leave me a message on discord!

I will inform you further on later.

Best regards, TheLogaaan.

Programmer, Linux fan, Builder, Community leader, Former Founder of project. I've been on field of servers since 2015, and I'm grateful for every player that is satisfied and happy.

Depression is and was hallmark of my life. And while I was in it, I realized I can live a fulfilling life even with it - and that any state is temporary.