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IGN: TheLogaaan
8 months ago

Hello everyone, hope you have fantastic Day!

Let's talk about progress I've made in last day!

  • Added Tokens - a new virtual currency you'll be able to gather playing on server.
  • With tokens added, there is a new way to get VIP, and premium perks - with tokens, prices are TBD.
  • All servers now have indicator for them.
  • Creative server was improved as well - added Creative Levels plugin, which lets you collect experience building your plots. Also, once you reach a new 5th level, you get rewards! Say - 5, 10, 15, etc..
  • VIP system has been reworked. It's now possilbe to extend VIP by , instead of month. This allows us to choose TOP voting player, and apply one-day VIP for him every day, if he remains TOP 1.
  • Improved networking security.

And.. photo from lobby <3

Programmer, Linux fan, Builder, Community leader, Former Founder of project. I've been on field of servers since 2015, and I'm grateful for every player that is satisfied and happy.

Depression is and was hallmark of my life. And while I was in it, I realized I can live a fulfilling life even with it - and that any state is temporary.